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REBECCA is a fractional rigged sloop built in the late 50's by the Knutson yard, which was located on the north shore of Long Island in New York. She came to us in need of some substantial work on her bottom. During her stay with us, we sistered a number of frames and added new frames where needed. Her bottom was replanked, a number of floor timbers were replaced and we rebuilt her mast step area. Finally, we installed a new fir sole. REBECCA's owner did a fine job of making her look good with fresh paint and varnish and she was launched for a new season of enjoyment on the water.

The images below detail some of the restoration process. Please click on an image to view a larger version.

Undergoing an extensive bottom rebuild Fastening a new plank home  Clamping up a new plank
Starboard side almost finished Working on the port side Red lead applied to the seams

Ready to sail again

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