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"TARA" is a beautiful 35' bass style boat originally built by Vinnie Cavanaugh. This boat came to us in remarkably good shape, save for its traditionally laid teak decks. The teak had worn over the years, exposing the heads of the bronze ring nail fasteners. These fasteners proved difficult to remove and the deck framing, especially around the engine hatches, was loose and sagging.

The decision was made to replace the decks and attend to repairs in the bilge areas that would be exposed during the project. Fortunately, structural repairs below the decks were minor and we focused on updating the fuel system and associated plumbing.

The images below detail some of the repair process. Please click on an image to view a larger version.

The gas engines and their original fuel tanks Aft to the lazarette-framing and floor timbers in good shape  Bilges painted, new fuel tanks and deck framing underway
New framing for some big engine hatches Decks laid and filling seams New teak decks looking aft

New cockpit looking towards helm

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